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Brisbane Web Design for Masters Surveying.

Masters Surveying have been operating in across Australia, offering surveying solutions to complex challenges, since the 1960s. With offices throughout Queensland and New South Wales, from Wollongong and Brisbane to Mackay and Gladstone, they have established a reputation in the surveying industry that is as strong as their solutions.

The team, headed up by Michael Blain in Brisbane, who is also the director of The Surveyors Trust, is made up of an array of surveying expertise. Their registered surveyors assist with cadastral surveying through to civil construction surveying, for award winning Australian projects.

Masters Surveying are contributing to the industry even further, through their established graduate program. This career program offers graduates a kick start, and also puts them in a prime position to develop new relationships, while developing the up-and-coming industry talent.

Addressing location challenges through web design.

Masters Surveying operate throughout NSW and QLD, but this comes with it’s own set of challenges. The one they required our web development assistance with, was in educating potential clients about the location/service relationship. Specifically, that not all of their locations, offer all of their services.

To ensure website visitors time was not wasted, and that there was no confusion, this information was carefully worked into the design. Through the use of a filter, at the start of the page, the Choose a Location dropdown sends a clear message. Location matters.

All services have been set up to operate on the fly, alongside the location selection. This offers instant answers to visitors questions, in 1 click and 1 second.

The best WordPress framework.

We stopped using old school WordPress themes over a decade ago. Besides the known risks, there is also the major concern around the longevity of their support, but not in the way you think. As soon as a theme creator stops supporting their theme, it’s only a matter of time before it’s no longer compatible with WordPress. Then, it’s just a matter of time before your website breaks or is hacked. Bearing in mind the fact that this could happen a day after your new website goes live, or a year, it’s just not an option we advise anyone that we care about to take.

So what’s the alternative? We only deliver custom designed and built WordPress websites, on a robust framework. One with decades of support, ongoing development and financial backing. Now we’re talking. This route lets us create a bespoke solution for our clients, to suit their branding, clients, functional requirements and Google best practises all at the same time.

Improved SEO for increased enquiries.

Redesigning an existing website offers a number of opportunities alongside the design and structural aspects. A redesign is the ideal time to review and implement an up-to-date SEO strategy. Google move the goalposts when it comes to SEO, on a regular basis. So while a website may have been optimised 2 years ago, or even 6 months ago, today, it’s all changed.

A new website build lets us introduce all of the key aspects around search engine optimisation, from the ground up. From the way that the code is written, and the position that it’s placed on a page, to the software used on the web hosting server and the framework put in place to build the website. Code is optimised. Text is optimised. Images are optimised. Software is optimised. Servers are optimised. Strategies are optimised. There are literally hundreds of adjustments to make. Did you know that Google look for over 200 properties per page when deciding if you should appear on page 1 or not?

With SEO, it’s a collection of all the little things, like the pixels on a tv.

A fast WordPress website is a good WordPress website.

WordPress websites can differ in speed and overall performance vastly. There are so many contributing factors that impact the speed of a website. You’ll hear us go on about this quite often, and for good reason. It’s not only your customers and clients that appreciate fast page loading times, Google does too.

Having a high performing website, in terms of speed, actually increases your visibility in Google search results.

With this in mind, our team pay special attention to optimising speed in all areas possible, because every step counts. Our WordPress hosting is configured specifically for the Masters Surveying website (and any other website we build), and so too is the code that we use. All of our content is optimised, using the best formats and delivery systems.

Copywriting that sends the right message to the right people.

Effective copywriting is probably the main area that is overlooked when it comes to websites. We can all write and tell stories, but have you ever tried writing a bio about yourself? What about the content for an entire website? It’s a challenge, and a time consuming one at that. Not only do you need to master the art of story telling, but you need to do it in a way that appeals to your target market, and Google at the same time. The team at Masters Surveying were well aware of this, so engaged us to assist with their website copy too.

After a thorough brief on the values of Masters Surveying, their ideal clients and company goals, we initiated the copywriting for their new website. The text was to remain clear, easy to understand and straight to the point.

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