Noosa locals will have heard variations of our story many times before. It goes a little something like this: Many years ago, we stumbled upon this quaint little town on the Sunshine Coast, with it’s long white sandy beaches and smiling faces everywhere we looked. After only a few days in town we thought “Noosa has the same magical feel as home, but surrounded by beaches instead of mountains. We should come back soon…

We return to Noosa the following year, and spend more time getting to know the local community. Making friends and discovering favourite cafes. Joining the Trilogy cycling group, Wednesday morning run group, Nick Crofts swim squads, and even the local Vizsla owner groups.

Each day we fell a little more in love with our surroundings and thought “Wow. We’ve met the most wonderful people in Noosa. Everyone seems enthusiastic about life, environmentally conscious and active in some shape or form, just like us. We should come back next year, and stay for Winter…” The time we spent on the Sunshine Coast extended with each visit.

We returned to Noosa each year to the familiar faces, annual events, favourite national park trails, unforgettable sunsets, fascinating critters and beautiful bird life. Eventually we thought “Winter’s are just not long enough. We should stay.”

And so in March 2019 we did. And here we are. We are so pleased to be in Noosa, helping local businesses grow, while still being involved in the Wanaka community.

Who’s your favourite Noosa charity, or Not-for-Profit Group?

We want to help those that are helping others. We work with a number of not-for-profits, but they are often tricky to find online (something we can help with). So please let us know about your favourite organisation, so that we can get to know them. Whether they’re not-for-profits keeping our oceans clean, Queenslanders looking after injured wildlife, or an Australian organisation helping introduce more kids to sports, we want to help spread the word.

Collaborating with like-minded creative companies

From a commercial perspective, we partner with like minded creative agencies, branding companies and marketing businesses. Merging our services, offers our clients the best of both worlds, and allows us to refer business to people we know and trust. Please get in touch, or call and speak to Judy, if you’d like to tell us a little more about your Australian business.

Helping Noosa & Sunshine Coast businesses grow

And if you’re looking to grow your business, we can show you how to use your website to attract more clients and customers. Our services include, but are not limited to, comprehensive websites, SEO, web hosting, logo design and development.

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