The Physio Room

Project Details.

Wanaka Web Design for The Physio Room.

The Physio Room is Wanaka’s newest physiotherapy clinic, but owner Kate Young has been in the industry for years. The Physio Room helps local Wanaka patients recover from injuries, with a strong focus on strategies to avoid repetition. One of these strategies includes the ever popular Wanaka Core Classes. Kate’s unique strength and conditioning classes are aimed at locals looking to retain a healthy disposition, and avoid future injuries.

The SEO Challenge.

Given the relatively new business, our biggest challenge with this Wanaka web design, was helping Kate increase visibility online. Thorough SEO research and tested implementations allowed The Physio Room to capture their share of the local Wanaka Google searches.

Our Wanaka SEO implementation resulted in a 32% increase in organic visitors.

Tying the new website to The Physio Room’s Google profile cemented their position with online. Kate was also able to build upon her existing Google ranking, as we took all of the necessary steps to retain existing SEO page scores.

And lastly, since our SEO processes include manually notifying Google of new websites, we were able to speed up the indexing process and have The Physio Room visible online in no time at all.

If you’re up for a challenge, we can highly recommend The Physio Room’s core classes. But be warned… each week gets a little big tougher… just enough to feel it the next day, and have you busting to come back for more!

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