It’s no secret, we love a phased website launch, and for good reason. Phased website launches offer plenty of benefits, whether you’re a Noosa start-up or an established Brisbane business.

Benefits of launching your next website in phases

1. Easier on your budget

The most obvious benefit is the ability to spread out your marketing budget over a longer period of time.

2. Reduced risk for start-up’s

As a start-up in particular, a lower initial financial investment reduces your risk of over capitalising.

3. Faster time to live

This benefit is ideal for aligning your website launch with external deadlines, like a season change, product launch or rebrand.

4. Quicker visibility on Google

The sooner your domain starts generating traffic, the sooner Google will start to recognise and recommend you, contributing to more enquiries, sales and awareness.

5. Measured change implementation

A delay gives you time to review website data, from real customers, to confirm the viability of investing in additional functionality.

6. Less pressure on your team

Spreading out the workload of your team – who don’t usually spend their days contributing towards a website design project – helps them stay on top of their real responsibilities.

7. Being first to market

If you’re aiming to be first to market, every day ahead of the competition counts.

8. Gain golden market insights

Use the time between phases to gain valuable insights from those using it – your customers and suppliers – what would they like changed?

9. Reduce current issues faster

If you have issues with your current website – poor visibility on Google, a dated web design or cluttered information – the longer your launch takes, the longer those niggles are going to continue.

How we phase website launches

The logic is very straight forward. We split the process into phases that suit your goals and/or restrictions. An example would be

  • Phase 1: Mandatory functions
  • Phase 2: Elective features
  • Phase 3: Nice-to-haves or future changes.

The time frame for each phase would be decided with your team, to complement any external factors, as well as your internal goals.

Yes, change is inevitable

Often the upcoming phases require adjustments. That’s good news, showing the process has already added value. And remember that it’s far easier to adjust a strategy, than it is to adjust a website.

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