MailChimp offer an easy (and fun) to use email marketing program, but the way that different email programs display newsletters can be frustrating, and time consuming to perfect.

An email sent to Gmail can look completely different to one delivered in Microsoft Outlook, due to the formatting that these programs add over and above your email campaign. While different is ok, when it comes to email programs automatically replacing your much loved font, or throwing your content alignment out, we have a whole other problem on our hands. This is where the MailChimps Inbox Preview feature comes into play.

MailChimp have recently upgraded their Inbox Inspector, the paid for feature used to test your email campaign on various email programs, to Inbox Preview. Inbox Preview is said to be “better, faster and stronger”, and we’re excited about this as they’ve made it operate a little more seamlessly.

This feature can now be easily accessed, while creating your email campaign, via the Preview and Test menu, selecting Enter preview mode. 

MailChimp have updated their Inbox Inspector it's accessible via Preview and Test - Phancybox New Zealand digital agency


You can then select Inbox, to initiate your Inbox Preview against the various email programs:

MailChimp have updated their Inbox Inspector for testing email campaigns on various email programs - Phancybox New Zealand digital agency

MailChimp offer a variety of predefined newsletter templates for you to use, or you could have a personalized template created for your business to retain your branding, message and style. Our Wanaka team can assist with the creation of these templates, let us know if we can help.

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