Logo Design.

Branding says a lot about your business. We’ll make
sure it says the right thing, to the right people. 

Powerful branding to set the tone.

Your logo is the crucial first impression for customers, a key element in instantly conveying your brand’s key message. At Phancybox, we design powerful, engaging logos that set your business apart in a competitive marketplace.

Our process carefully considers every detail, from color palette to font choices, ensuring seamless communication with your target audience.

We strive to establish a lasting connection between your brand and customers, creating logos that embody your business’s core values.

Noosa-Lakes-Resort-Noosa logo designer Phancybox Sunshine Coast branding
The-Prostate-Clinic-gold coast Noosa logo designer Phancybox Sunshine Coast
Wanaka-Alcohol-Group-Noosa logo designer Phancybox Sunshine Coast branding
I-do-ceremonies-Noosa logo designer Phancybox Sunshine Coast branding
Discover-Dingleburn-Noosa logo designer Phancybox Sunshine Coast
Flora-Aotearoa-Noosa logo designer Phancybox Sunshine Coast
Trusted-House-Minders-Noosa logo designer Phancybox Sunshine Coast branding
Southern-cross-litigation-finance-Noosa logo designer Phancybox Sunshine Coast branding

Custom logo designs for new Noosa businesses.

After a thorough design brief, we’ll present three logo concepts that incorporate all desired text, graphics, and icons. Choose your preferred concept, and we’ll collaborate with you through the necessary alterations, including color changes, adjustments to icons, fonts, and styles, until it’s perfect.

Deliverables include your logo in an editable format for versatile use across various mediums such as vehicle signwriting or office signage. The delivery will encompass files suitable for dark, light, and transparent backgrounds, along with separate icon-only files for smaller devices or applications.

Everything you need for a crisp and professional take on your business.


Convert your sketch into a high resolution, usable logo.

If you’ve created a rough sketch of your ideal logo, our team can recreate it in a high-resolution, reusable format. 

At the same time we can introduce or altering colours, icons, fonts, and text changes until it aligns perfectly with your requirements. 

Delivery will include an editable AI file so you have full control over your logo, for use across different mediums, accompanied by files suitable for dark, light, and transparent backgrounds. Icon-only files will also be provided for smaller devices or applications if applicable.


Edit or tweak your existing logo.

Logos may not last forever, but sometimes all you need are a few adjustments to style, font, or color to achieve an updated version that’s both professional and current.

If a full rebrand isn’t suitable, applying the slightest changes to your logo can offer a professional, up to date appearance, delivering the right message without the need to reinvest in all existing physical marketing materials.

If you’re looking for custom Noosa logo design services, we offer exceptional quality.


Business card designs included.

Every logo design from us comes with an optional business card design.

Our designs maximize the real estate of your business card by allowing for double-sided information. This method ensures your business cards are as impactful as your logo.


Branding style guides.

A branding style guide is an essential tool for maintaining a consistent and professional brand identity across all mediums. It serves as a comprehensive reference that outlines the proper usage of brand elements, ensuring that every representation of the brand remains cohesive and true to its core values.

Our logo design projects include a personalised style guide to help you consistently send the right message, to the right people.


How long does the logo design process take?

The timeline varies on the complexity of the project and your ability to share feedback. On average, it takes 4 days for your first draft.

What information do you need to start the logo design process?

We’ll start with a detailed design brief, including information about your business goals, target audience, preferred style, and any specific elements you’d like to include in the logo. Examples of logo’s you like (and dislike) are essential in ensuring we’re working inline with your requirements.

How many design concepts do I get to choose from?

We provide three initial logo concepts. Once you choose a concept, we offer alterations to ensure the final design meets your expectations.

Can I provide input during the design process?

Absolutely! We encourage collaboration and value your input. Your feedback at each stage is crucial in shaping the final design to align with your vision.

What file formats will I receive my logo in?

Upon approval, we deliver your logo in an editable AI format, suitable for various applications. This includes files for both dark and light backgrounds, as well as icon-only files for smaller devices or apps. 

Do you redesign existing logos?

Yes, we offer logo editing services to refresh the style, font, or colour of existing logos. This allows you to maintain a professional image without a complete redesign.

Will my logo be 100% unique?

Yes, all of our logo designs are custom designed. Will can use logos that you like as inspiration and design direction, but your logo will be unique.


Ready to get started?

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