There are more and more creative fonts being designed here in Brisbane, and across the world, on a daily basis. From serif to sans-serif fonts, there’s the perfect typeface for every occasion, brand and website.

But how do you identify a font that really appeals to you when it’s not labelled? How do you find out the name of a font that’s used in a PDF or image? The clever people at have created a method to help you identify a font, by simply uploading an image containing the font you love.

How to identify a font used in an image

1. First prepare your image, buy cropping out all of the noise and leaving just a word, written in the font you like. You should be left with something like this:

love identify a font LiebeRuth by LiebeFonts Phancybox Noosa Digital Agency Brisbane Sunshine Coast

Tip: For optimal results, use characters that have distinct shapes, ideally with a height of 100 pixels, with letters not touching and characters laid out horizontally if possible.

2. Now browse to and select Choose file to upload your image and click the Continue button.

Use to identify a font Phancybox Noosa digital agency Brisbane Sunshine Coast

3. On the next screen you can match up the characters in the image, with the corresponding letter. Fill in any blanks, correct any errors and click the Continue button. to identify a font Phancybox Noosa digital agency Brisbane Sunshine Coast

Tip: Ignore the blurred out options if you have any, as seen above.

4. On the final screen, you will be presented with a few options that has identified as suitable font matches, in this case, LiebeRuth Bold from LiebeRuth.

How to identify a font Phancybox Noosa Digital Agency Brisbane Sunshine Coast


Now that you know the name of your favourite font, you can download or purchase it, to complete your ideal design.

If you need a hand with selecting the ideal font for your project, or understanding font licenses, please get in touch with our team so that we can help.

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