A screenshot is the term used for taking a photograph of your computer screen.

Sharing your computer screen with others, in the form of an image, can be really handy when words just aren’t enough.

We use screenshots on a regular basis, when dealing with issues or requests. Sharing a photograph of your screen is sometimes a lot faster than having to type out or verbally explain your requirements. And the really good news, is that it’s very easy to do.

How to take a Screenshot

1. Navigate to the area you’d like to share, so that you can see the information you’re wanting to share.

2. On your keyboard, look for the key that says PrtScr.

Tip: There are generally 2 variations of the text used on the keyboard button, yours could say Print Screen. It’s usually positioned on the top right of your keyboard.

3. Press the PrtScr button, which will save the photo in the background.

Tip: You won’t notice any change at this stage. The Print Screen function acts in the same way as the Copy function, when Copy/Pasting.

4. Similarly to the Copy function, all we need to do now is Paste your image so that you can share it. Open a document or email and right click and Paste for your image to appear.

How to paste a screenshot - Phancybox New Zealand Web Design SEO

5. Now that you have your image in a sharable format, simply send your document or email to share your screenshot.

Tip: If you only want to share a particular window, not all of them as above, click on the window you want to share and then press Alt and PrtScr, instead of just PrtScr.

How to paste a screenshot of 1 window only - Phancybox New Zealand Web Design SEO

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