While more descriptive website page names, and therefore URL’s, can be beneficial towards your SEO efforts, they can get a little out of hand. When it comes to limiting characters in Twitter posts, or editorials for example, 77 characters just won’t do.

Instead of compromising your SEO strategy, you can make use of a URL shortening service. These websites simply convert your regular URL into a condensed format, using a 301 redirect from the short to the long, basically changing a URL from to

There are a number of URL shortening websites and you can even have your own branded URLs (let us know if you’d like more info on branded URLs) – we often use Bitly. You don’t need to login, the process is fast, and it works.

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How to shorten a long URL

1. Browse to the Bitly website

2. Paste your URL into the top right corner Paste a link to shorten it field

Bitly can convert a long url to a short one - Phancybox New Zealand digital agency

3. You don’t even need to press Enter or click Shorten as the website detects your enter and will immediately redirect you to a page with your short URL

Bitly url shortening service reduces the length of a long url - Phancybox digital agency New Zealand

4. Now just copy your URL to make use of it elsewhere. Easy.

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