There are many ways to share photos and files with others, with the most common method being email, but what about really big files? How do you share large photograph attachments or PDF’s with others?

While email is the most commonly used method for sharing, it’s not ideal for large files. Companies and service providers sometimes prevent email delivery for files over a certain file size. Frustratingly it’s not easy to tell if this will be the case, without trying, so we’d suggest skipping email entirely.

Dropbox is a great file sharing service, but requires an account before you can use it. If you’re looking for a fast and fuss-free method, we recommend WeTransfer. It’s quick and easy to use, and we’re suckers for the monster animations in the background, aren’t they cool?

Sharing large files with WeTransfer

1. Browse to and unless you’re interested in their paid for version, click Skip

Sharing large files and photographs with WeTransfer

2. Click I agree to accept their terms and conditions

How to share big files with others for free with WeTransfer

3. Click Add Files to select the file/s that you’d like to share, fill in the Friend’s email and Your Email fields, as well as the optional Message field, then click Transfer

Send up to 2GB files with WeTransfer

Tip: You can send up to 2GB at a time. If you have 4GB of data to share, simply repeat the above process with the remainder of your files.

4. Your files will be uploaded and an email link sent to the email address specified in Friend’s email. When they receive the email, they can simply click on the link and download the file/s.

WeTransfer allows you to share large files for free, without worrying about account creations, or email servers. Easy.

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