We record and share our screens as links, sometimes with audio, on a regular basis with clients. It’s often the fastest and most effective way to share information.

Screen recording is ideal for communicating ideas and challenges. They eliminate the need for a full technical understanding by simply showing someone what you mean. Additionally, they help prevent misunderstandings often experienced through typed emails.

Recording and sharing your screen is also really easy to do. We’ve included two options below.

Option 1: Record and share using Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot lets you record your screen, with or without audio. Once done, you can download your video or generate a URL to share it with others.

It works as an extension to Chrome, so you’ll need to download both first.

It’s free to use, although has limitations – your video links won’t be stored forever. With this in mind, Awesome Screenshot is ideal for temporary screen recordings under 5 minute, or full page screenshots.

Quick Start

Install the extension and click on the Awesome Screenshot icon in your browser to use it.

Video Instructions

Text Instructions

1. Install the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension.

2. Click on the Awesome Screenshot icon and choose between Record (video) and Capture (screenshot).

3. When Recording you can chose to record a single tab, or entire desktop, as well as enable audio and choosing which monitor to record, if you use two computer screens.

4. Click Start Recording and when you’re done, click on Stop Recording at the bottom of your screen.

5. A new tab opens where you can Download MP4 to save the video to your computer, or Generate Shareable Link to get a temporary URL of the video for sharing.

Tip: Wondering why I don’t suggest to just use your computer’s screenshot function for taking a screengrab? Because Awesome Screenshot lets you screengrab the full page, not just the part of the screen that you can see (although that is an option). It scrolls from top to bottom, while taking a screengrab. We’ve included the steps to take a screengrab of your full screen here too.

Option 2: Record and share using Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic gives you the same end result, but works as software installed on your computer and has one extra benefit over Awesome Screenshot.

The reason I also use Screencast-O-Matic, is because it lets you upload directly to YouTube, making it ideal for evergreen content, or videos you want to store/share forever. Simply record, upload and then share your YouTube link.

It’s also free to use, and will work on all popular browsers.

Quick Start

Install the software, open it and click record to start.

Video Instructions

Text Instructions

1. Install the Screencast-O-Matic software.

2. Start Screencast-O-Matic > choose Launch Recorder.

3. Move the outline to cover the area you want to record.

4. Click Rec to start recording your screen, and click the pause button when you’re done.

5. Click Done > click Save / Upload and then choose to what you’d like to do with the file.

6. If uploading to YouTube, on completion, copy the URL and use it to share with others.

Extra: How to take a screenshot of your entire page

As briefly mentioned above, you can also use Awesome Screenshot to take a screengrab of a full page, not just the visible part of your screen. Here’s how:

I hope you find this as helpful as we do.

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