Web hosting is web hosting right? Cheap or expensive. Lots of space, or limited. Windows or Linux etc etc etc, or is there more to it? Could you be getting more out of your website by choosing the best web hosting?

Yes. Yes you could.

With web hosting, one size does not fit all…

The interesting thing about web hosting, is that some servers won’t suit your website, or mine. Each website actually has a unique set of requirements when it comes to web hosting. When your website is developed, it is done using various software, combinations and versions. Your hosting provider needs to compliment this setup.

So, how does your hosting provider know what’s needed? Often, unfortunately they don’t. If you go to a hosting companies website now, you’ll see their hosting options neatly split into packages. But they don’t know your business, or your websites requirements. They’ve created options based on their business, assumptions and generalisations.

So, how to get the best web hosting for YOUR business

Instead of basing the availability of your website and the reputation of your business on a collection of guesses, ask your web design company to help.

They’ll be able to recommend the best hosting provider for your website, or have your site setup on their servers. After all, they know your website better than anyone.

Why bother?

We already know why you have to account for quality web hosting, but moving a website to the best hosting server for your website can have a massive impact on performance. Improved website speed leads to better SEO which leads to improved visibility on Google which leads to more exposure, clients and sales.

Suitable web hosting is essential to the growth of your business.

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