Like other Australian companies, we often need to share educational, and sometimes share repetitive information with our customers.

This can be easily done through a YouTube video – physically showing somebody how to achieve something, while talking them through it at the same time.

YouTube is the ideal platform for storing videos – they have over a billion users, making it a highly effective search engine; it’s easy to use and extremely cost effective. When it comes to sharing your videos, you can either send people to your YouTube page, or you take advantage of the opportunity, and embed the video on your WordPress website instead.

Besides the huge time saving of creating 1 video and sharing it multiple times, retaining visitors on your website, instead of sending them to YouTube to become distracted, is great for SEO. It’s also very easy to do!

We’ve included the 2 minute video, as well as the step by step instructions below.

How to Embed a YouTube video in WordPress

1. Create your WordPress page or post like you normally would, or edit an existing one.

2. Go to the YouTube video that you want to embed in your WordPress page > scroll down and click on Share > click on embed > copy the highlighted code

Hint: If you paste the code you see under Share Share you’ll only be adding a link, so be sure to use the Embed code.

3. Go back to your WordPress page or post and click the Text tab if you’re not already on it

4. Click your mouse in the area you’d like the video added and then paste the code

5. Go back to the Visual tab to check that you’ve placed your video in the right place – you should see the video in the body of the page now too.

Hint: If you’ve added the code to the wrong place on the page, simply press Ctrl Z to undo your paste and try again.

6. That’s it! Remember to apply all other standard page or post settings unique to your WordPress theme (like Featured Images, Yoast SEO and Categories etc) and to then Preview your changes before Publishing.

If you have any questions, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

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