Effective websites can generate a range of emotions from those using them, ideally, positive emotions. As a Noosa business owner, this could be the pride you hold for your business and therefore your website. As a patient, this could be the relief or hope you feel interacting with a medical website. Either way, just like other marketing or advertising, your website serves as a mirror to your business. That is why it’s crucial for your website to generate the right type of feelings for those interacting with them.

Here’s a quick exercise. Take a moment now to visit your website with a fresh perspective. Make that two:

1. Consider how your website makes you feel, as a business owner or marketing manager

Your website is more than just a digital creation, it’s an extension of your business identity and values. Does it exude the pride and confidence you have in your business? Do you feel confident sharing it with customers, friends and suppliers?

Just as your team reflects your company’s values, your website should reflect the quality of your products and the level of service you provide. Your website should authentically reflect what your business stands for. Does it?

2. Now revisit your website, as your ideal customer

Imagine the challenges your customers have, the challenges that lead them to your products or services in the first place. Does your website meet their needs appropriately? For example,

  • If you’re in the medical industry, does your website emanate trust?
  • If you own a luxury hotel, does your website emanate peace and tranquillity?
  • If you design residential home interiors in Noosa, does your website emanate your unique style and taste?

If not, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with customers on a deeper level and to attract and retain longer-quality relationships with them.

Want a fresh pair of eyes?

I thought you’d never ask. Email your website address directly to me, Judy, along with some details about your business (who your customers are and what your business goals are) for some feedback.

Remember that it’s not all about aesthetics, it’s about solving problems: Yours, and your customers.

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