When last did you look at the Google Map on your companies website? If you haven’t already, check it now. Remember that some websites have maps on multiple pages like the homepage, contact page and location or store pages, so check them all.

We’ve noticed that a number of businesses, from Brisbane to Noosa, haven’t been informed about Google’s recent change. The results are thousands of websites displaying an error message, instead of the intended helpful directions.

Here’s what to do if your Google Map is displaying this error message: Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. 

Why have so many Google Maps started to error?

Google Maps have recently changed their billing methods for the use of their maps. And by altered I mean they’ve gone from Free to Not Free. If this is the first you hear of it, you’re not alone, Google aren’t the loudest when it comes to rolling out change. And secondly, if you’re seeing an error where your map should be, it’s easy enough to fix.

Why haven’t all Google Maps been effected?

There are multiple methods to setup a Google Map on a website – some  remain free, while others require payment. Websites displaying the latter, without credit card details setup, have had their map disabled by Google.

If you’re unsure if you’re effected, simply check your map – if you don’t see a large error, you’re safe and there’s no need for change.

Oops something went wrong Google Maps error how to fix Phancybox Brisbane Australia

How do you get rid of the Google Maps Oops! Something went wrong error?

You have two options. You can either start paying Google Maps for the use of their service, or change the method used to display their map on your site.

How to display Google Map on your website for no charge

Some good news is that there is still a way to use Google Maps for free on your website. The even better news is that it’s the easiest method of simply using an iFrame. You can  replace the API or WordPress/other-cms-type Google Maps widget with the iFrame code copied from their website.

Where do you find your Google Maps iFrame code?

1. Go to Google Maps and search for your company (if your company does not appear, we need to talk about increasing your visibility online)

2. Click on your business name so that your details appear on the left hand side

3. Now click on the Share icon

4. Select Embed a Map

5. Choose your preferred map size (small, medium, large or custom size)

6. Click Copy HTML to get the code needed for your site (some cms’s won’t like this code, have a go, but you might need your web development companies help)

How do you add your Google Map iFrame code to your site

The steps to follow all depend on whether you have a hardcoded site or a CMS; the type of CMS being used and the method within that content management system. Check in with your web design agency if you’re not sure, or let us know if we can help. In theory, you need to remove the current setup and replace it with the new iFrame method.

What about Google Maps with custom icons and store location details?

Some websites use an advanced Google Map with customisation like unique icons or expandable information for multiple stores. In this case, swapping to the iFrame method will lose this additional functionality. Websites that need to retain this functionality will need to review Google’s amended pricing structure, as the API will more than likely still be needed in these cases.

Do you have a different Google Maps error?

Feel free to reach out if you’re experiencing a variation of this error so that we can help.

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