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Get more quality customers, enquiries and sales
with online advertising using Google Ads (Adwords).

Generate more enquiries boost sales, and raise awareness with Google Ads.

If you’ve never tried Google digital advertising, or haven’t experienced a successful campaign yet, now’s the time to take a different approach. There’s an art to running successful campaigns.

It’s critical to work with a digital marketing company with a proven track record of excellent outcomes. Successful campaigns require extensive research, in-depth experience, expert resources and a thorough understanding of your goals.

Did you know that Google Ads generate a staggering $8 for every $1 spent. Google even calls that a “conservative” estimate. That’s an 800 per cent return on investment (ROI), at least. In other words, there are few better ways to spend your advertising budget than with an Adwords campaign. It’s a no-brainer.

A low-risk advertising strategy with massive rewards.

Google Ads is a low-risk advertising strategy that is customisable to your business’s specific budget and goals.

You are in complete control of how much you spend, which means no nasty surprises.

What’s more, our team reviews the performance of your campaigns monthly and makes tweaks and changes to optimise your results.

Google ads that deliver more than a boost in sales.

The benefit of advertising with Google can’t be measured by conversions alone. Yes, Adwords will boost your sales. If you are an online retailer, Google Shopping advertisements deliver a tempting visual, upfront price information, and your brand name before the web user even scrolls. And that means more web visits and ultimately more business.

But there’s more. Even if a user does not click on your ad, they are now familiar with your brand. You raised all-important awareness – that special ingredient that helps sustain the success of your business long-term.

A user might visit your website later and make a purchase or reach out to your support team. Or, a user might click on your ad and checkout with a totally different product or service than was advertised.

The snowball keeps rolling. Even your SEO improves with Google Ads.

Attract more quality website traffic, and up your search engine ranking.

You heard us right. In addition to generating direct enquiries and sales, Google Ads supports your SEO initiatives.

Anytime a quality lead lands on your website – whether that be via a paid or organic listing – that action sends Google positive signals. The more positive signals, the better your search engine ranking.

Plus, because you have already raised awareness, users that didn’t click on your ad may search for your brand in the future. Again, this enhances your SEO, driving more traffic, increasing leads, and improving conversion. Win-win-win.

A tailored advertising system suitable for all businesses.

Google Ads is an ideal choice for businesses at all stages of their growth journey. And here’s why:

  • For start-ups, Google Ads help increase brand awareness and kick-start your SEO.
  • For established brands, Google Ads can help you reach new, targeted audiences and convert them into loyal customers.
  • For businesses launching a new product or service, Google Ads can help you spread the news and get in front of users actively seeking whatever it is you are offering.

Whether you are starting, growing, expanding, reinventing, or cruising along, Google Ads can support your goals without blowing your budget.

The easy way to win with Google Ads.

Getting the maximum ROI with Google Ads doesn’t have to be tricky or time-consuming. When you leave the hard work to us, you can enjoy more sales, increased awareness, and better SEO results.

So, what do you say? Put your product, service, or brand out there and reach the billions of users making Google searches each and every day.

There has never been a better time to focus on your digital footprint and upgrade your online marketing efforts. Get started today and start reaping the game-changing rewards.


What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a form of online advertising. The adverts can be displayed on various website, not just Google search results, and in various forms, not just text. Additionally, adverts can be so finely tuned, that only your ideal clients get to interact with them (when set up correctly of course!). Google Ads are differentiated from standard content through a small Ad icon, usually on the top left.

Is Google Ads worth it?

Well firstly, you get to pick your budget, but regardless, yes! Google AdWords is arguably the most targeted form of online advertising. Unfortunately it’s easy to get it wrong, so do your home work, and get a professional to both set up and manage your campaigns.

I've tried Google Ads before, it was expensive and didn't work, why should I try again?

It’s really easy to get it wrong, but oh so powerful when you get it right. There are unfortunately vast differences between online advertising service providers, and of course, unless you’ve been managing campaigns successfully for years, this is not an in house job. There are hundreds of opportunities available to you through Google Ads, but the campaigns must be set up correctly. They must be managed correctly. And they must be created with your business, goals and target markets in mind. Google Ads is not something that you try at home, find a suitable provider and let them do what they do best.

What are the benefits of using Google AdWords?

I’m so glad you asked, beause there are plenty. The obvious benefits are that you’ll increase your enquires and sales, in the most cost effective manner. You see you can filter your adverts to the nth degree so that only the people that are likely to buy your product, or request your service, will see your ad. Think location, hobbies, financial disposition, online habits, the use of specific words, time of day and website preferences. And the best part is that it’s all measurable (unlike printed adverts or radio promos). The not-so-obvious benefits are around awareness. Even if people don’t click on your advert, they’ll still see it. That’s brand recognition right there. 

Why is there a photo of a bunny on this page?

Because it’s cute and hopefully made you smile when you saw it. Google Ads can help you generate similar reactions to your brand, products or services. It’s a great tool for generating awareness on top of the obvious increase in sales and enquiries.

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