We wanted to share a quick story with you. One that can help those with an online shop retain their customers, by avoiding someone else’s mistake.

Our needs were simple: Order groceries from a Brisbane online shop for delivery. Unfortunately, on the morning of delivery we were informed (by the driver), that they in fact do not deliver to our area.

My futile question to him was simple: “Why did your website let me create a shopping list, pay for the order, choose my address and submit the request, if you do not deliver to this area?”  

Bear in mind that this was after the order had been placed and processed, chosen in the store, packed for transport and loaded into the van. At a guess, that’s at least 3 different staff members time wasted. Not to mention the fact that they lost a sale, a customer, and that there is still no bacon in our house. An all round disaster.

When last did you test your shopping website?

The important lesson that we wanted to share here, is that it was all so easily avoidable. This stores website was simply not configured correctly. It did not know to exclude my area from deliveries. Their ecommerce ordering process had not been thoroughly tested.

Multiple phases of website testing is essential to any web design project, regardless of the size. We cannot emphasise this enough.

Imagine the time saved, the customer retention improvements and the sales increases in offering a streamlined solution. It’s achievable, appreciated and usually expected by online shoppers. When last was your online shop thoroughly tested?

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