Before you get started.

There are four essentials before you start editing your WordPress website using Divi.

Video user guide for getting started with Divi on WordPress.

Before you get started editing your Divi WordPress site there are 4 important things to note:

1. Ignore software updates: Assuming your website is managed by Phancybox, we will manage these for you. By software updates I mean the little highlighted red spots in WordPress. Our web developers roll out all updates in the correct sequence to avoid any conflicts.

2. How to clear your cache: If you’ve published a change to your website, but you can’t see your change on the live site, your browser is likely caching. Just clear your cache by clicking the Purge SG Cache link in the toolbar, then refresh your screen and try again.

3. Best practices to save you time:

  • Firstly, if you have plenty of changes to apply, instead of applying them all in one go and then saving, rather make a few edits, save your work, test your work, and repeat. This way, if something goes wrong, you’ll know what caused the issue and have fewer changes to roll back.
  • Secondly, it might be best to save a copy of your page for easy reference, so that it’s easy to reinstate if you make a mistake. To do this, edit the page and click Save to Library. This saves a copy of the page under Divi… Divi Library.

4. What to do if you’re stuck: Please contact us! This is what we do day in and out right here in Noosa. You can speak directly to Judy, for the latest best practices, tips and tricks.

Need more help editing your WordPress website?

We specialise in WordPress websites in Noosa, both with and without the Divi framework. If you need a hand making changes to your website, please contact Judy for support.