Edit your navigation
main menu

This video user guide explains how to add, edit and remove items from
your WordPress websites main menu or navigation.

Video user guide to edit your main menu or navigation.

1. How to update your WordPress website’s menu or navigation

You can update your website’s navigation via AppearancesMenus.

Some websites have more than one menu, so first, choose the correct option from the dropdown and click Select. Make sure you’re editing the correct menu by quickly comparing what you see, to the menu that you want to edit. 

2. How to add a new page to your WordPress menu 

To add a new page to your navigation, locate it on the right-hand side, select it and click Add to Menu. Doing so will place your new page at the end of the list. Now you can click and drag the new item to the appropriate position before clicking Save Menu.

A quick tip: you can’t easily roll back changes, so if you are making multiple changes, is safest to carry them out a handful at a time, and test your changes as you go.

3. How to change the order of an existing WordPress menu item

To change the order of an existing item, simply click and drag and click the Save Menu button when you’re done. You’ll notice the different indentations – make sure you drag your page to the appropriate level.

4. How to add a WordPress menu item without a link.

A more advanced change is setting up a menu label, in other words, an item that acts as a visual cue only. Clicking on these items simply displays more options, instead of taking you to a physical page. For example, if you click on Who we Are in our websites main menu, you are not directed anywhere. Instead, you see all of the page options within that section.

To create a label, simply click on Custom Links and enter # in the URL field, and enter the label name in the Link Text field. Click Add to Menu and drag your new label to the appropriate location before saving your changes.

5. How to set a WordPress menu to open in a new tab

You can also set a menu item to open in a new tab. Best practice is to set all internal pages, to open in the same tab, and external pages, in a new tab. By external pages, I mean any page that doesn’t sit on your domain or URL.

To do this, expand Screen Options and tick Link Target. Now you can add an item and simply tick the box that says Open link in a new tab.

Need more help editing your WordPress website?

We specialise in WordPress websites in Noosa, both with and without the Divi framework. If you need a hand making changes to your website, please contact Judy for support.