Accessing WordPress.

Learn how to login and access your WordPress website, manage users and passwords,
and how to change the display name on your blog posts. 

Video user guide for accessing WordPress.

1. How do you log in to WordPress?
By default, you can log in to WordPress by going to your website, /wp-admin/ for example phancybox.com/wp-admin/

Note: the “wp-admin” can be case sensitive.

2. How do you reset your WordPress password?
From your login screen click on the Lost your password link. Enter your username or email, and click Get New Password. This will send you an email containing a link – click on the link and follow the onscreen instructions. Don’t forget to check your spam folder if you don’t receive the email.

3. How do you add or edit WordPress users?
To add a new WordPress user, login and click Add New under the Users section. The only mandatory fields are Username and Email. A password will be automatically allocated if you choose not to set one yourself. Simply enter the user’s details, update their role if needed and click the Add New User button.

If you ticked the Send the new user an email about their account, they’ll be notified via email, but make sure they know to check their spam folder. The email they receive will give them the opportunity to set their preferred password.

4. How do you edit the password of an existing WordPress user?
Click All Users in the Users section, hover over the user in question and click Edit. Scroll to New Password and click Set New Password.

You can accept WordPress’s suggested password, or replace it with your own. When ready, click Update Profile.

5. How do you change your display name in WordPress?
You can change the name used against your blog posts, also known as your author name, via the Users section. Find and edit your profile and scroll to Display name. WordPress gives you some default options to choose from, but if you’d like it to display something different, simply enter your preference in the Nickname field, and then choose it from the Display field. Click Update Profile when you’re done.

Need more help editing your WordPress website?

We specialise in WordPress websites in Noosa, both with and without the Divi framework. If you need a hand making changes to your website, please contact Judy for support.