Organic search still offers the most value in search marketing, but supplementary advertising through Facebook or Google Ads, have extremely valuable advantages. With the correct research, planning and implementation, you can experience immediate benefits from paid search, but how do you tell which is right for you?

There are a number of similarities between Facebook adverts and Google Adwords, and both have benefits, depending on your business objectives, target market and advertising budget. So what is the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

1. Advertising Reach

With over 180 billion Google searches per month, the potential reach of Google Adwords is far higher than that of Facebooks:

Reach differences Google Adwords Facebook Phancybox Noosa Sunshine Coast Brisbane

2. Unique Targeting Options

Who is your target market? Are they located in a certain geographical location? Facebook Ads and Google Adwords offer different methods to help you target the your  ideal audience, increasing the value of your marketing efforts:

Targeting Options difference between Google Adwords Facebook Phancybox Noosa Sunshine Coast Brisbane

3. Mobile Advertising

Mobile browsing is on the increase and actually exceeds the use of PC browsing. Bear this in mind when identifying if Facebook is a better fit for you than Google:

Mobile advertising differences Google Adwords Facebook Phancybox Noosa Sunshine Coast Brisbane

4. ROI

As with any marketing strategy you’ll need to consider your return on investment. Google Adwords has a higher average conversion rate than Facebook ads:

Do Facebook Google ads best ROI Phancybox Noosa Sunshine Coast Brisbane


For new businesses, or those working through the motions of increasing their brand awareness, Facebook Ads would be the most beneficial, but wouldn’t provide the fastest sales, like Google Adwords.

Take the time to review what your business goals and objectives are, and to choose the path that best fits your business model. Once you’ve chosen your advertising winner, we can help you make the most of your advertising campaign. You could sign up for additional snippets of helpful information, or if you’re ready to increase your revenue with online advertising, lets start the journey together.

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