While Covid-19 is altering our lives on a daily basis, even here in Noosa, we hope that you’re finding the time to look after yourself, and those around you.

In these confronting times, it’s more important than ever to remain resilient. To work together, one community at a time, towards our greater goals.

Business as usual 

The Phancybox team has been working remotely since our inception 7 years ago. Our infrastructure, tools, technology, processes and management are already well established. Our systems are already optimised, streamlined, stress tested and fully functional.

So, for the Phancybox team, and the services that we offer our clients, it’s business as usual.

Throughout the Covid-19 disruptions, we will continue to operate in isolation, keeping our most important assets, our people and our Australian clients, safe.

Flexible payment plans & discounted rates

For start-ups preparing to launch a new business, cash flow may be a concern. As a reminder, we do offer payment plans to spread out website costs, as well as phased approaches to assist with the load.

Additionally, we have discounted rates for ongoing services that may help with cash flow. In these uncertain times, every bit counts.

Remote working is our norm, how can we help make it yours?

Some Noosa business are fortunate enough to continue operating from home during COVID-19. But for many of these teams, working from home is a first. Remote working is our norm, and we want to help make it yours.

If you’re stuck in any way with remote working, please let us know, maybe we can help.

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How to contact us

Please feel free to reach out if we can help in anyway. You can contact Judy directly on 0406 217 994.

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