Growing up, I remember my Dad telling me to “Do as I say, not as I do.” (always with a naughty grin on his face). Now while this makes perfect sense in a parent-to-child relationship, it doesn’t fit in a business-owner-to-business-owner relationship. In fact the complete opposite is true: The SEO advice that I offer our clients, is applicable to us too.

So I’m taking my own advice. I’m working on our content marketing and SEO strategies, at a time that we do not require additional leads or customers. You should too.

Why oh why would I suggest this?

The reason we encourage our clients to stick to their lead generating articles when they’d rather be relaxing on the beach, is all about the long game. You see marketing takes time. Search engine optimisation takes time. Your sales process takes time. Building new relationships with prospective clients takes time.

But change can happen overnight…

Control what you can

Whether it’s the loss of your biggest client to circumstances outside of your control, or a global pandemic that has a disastrous impacts on you family, business or entire industry, unplanned liabilities can be devastating. So control what you can. Mitigate the risk of lulls in your sales forecast by keeping your foot on the gas. Stick to your marketing plan, no matter what.

Keep your content marketing momentum going

Even when your calendar is crammed, allocate time to keep your content marketing on the go. If you don’t have time to blog once a week, try fortnightly. If you don’t have the resources to blog at all, work with a professional copywriter. If your website doesn’t have a blog, ask your web company for help (or ask me!). Doing so will contribute towards continuous exposure online as well as increased engagement and reach with potential customers.

Posting a helpful article once per week doesn’t mean that your sales success rate will match, but it does mean that you’ll have enough curiosity and enquiries in play to sustain your business during challenging times.

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