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Empower your team with an easy to use CMS. Saving you time,
encouraging change and keeping you ahead of the competition.

Empower your team with a content management system.

Content management systems (CMS’s) will allow authorised members of your Australian or international team, to apply changes to your website. This leads to stronger control of your website, ensuring efficiency, flexibility and ease of use.

Our web developers currently work with international open-source CMS’s like WordPress and Shopify. During the project researching phase, we will help identify the ideal CMS for your company. Each solution has its unique benefits, but the best CMS for your business is usually dictated by a combination of your requirements, team’s experience, budget constraints and future growth considerations.

Above all, at Phancybox, we believe in quality, collaboration, trust and the ultimate goal of building successful projects that provide the best experience for your users. Lets initiate a conversation to start tackling problems and achieving results.

WordPress and WooCommerce CMS.

WordPress is a globally supported CMS, offering flexibility around future growth and expansion. It’s also incredibly easy to use.

Coupled with WooCommerce, you can have a simple online shopping website setup, while using one of the best CMS’s for managing SEO at the same time.

It is important to note that WordPress can either operate off a bespoke custom design, or it can run off a predefined set of templates called themes. Old-school themes come with some risky fine print, so we only build custom WordPress sites on a robust framework.

Shopify, ideal for start-ups.

More than half of all shoppers use the internet to research a product or service they plan to buy in-store or online. Make it easy for your business to reach and convert prospects with a sleek, intuitive, inspiring Shopify web design.

Whether you are a business owner running an established retail brand, a start-up, or a physical store looking to sell online with an ecommerce website, investing in a Shopify website is a quick, fuss-free way to connect with your customers, and make more sales.


What are the benefits of using a CMS?

The main benefit of a CMS is that you can retain more control in house, using existing resources to apply changes to your website when it suits you. Additionally, they make applying changes fast and easy to do, without needing to be a web developer. If you choose to manage your content internally, the CMS will save you time, freeing up resources to dedicate to other areas of your business. Alternatively, if you choose to leave your website updates to our team, the changes will still be made faster, freeing up more budget to use elsewhere – so either way you win.

What exactly is a CMS?

A CMS (Content Management System) is a system that allows authorised users, to make changes to a website. So if you need to add a new product to your online shop, add more images to a gallery, create a new page or change some text, you’ll be able to do this all via your CMS.

Which CMS's do you use?

We’ve chosen a selection of preferred CMS’s, after years of experience, to suit our clients. We work with custom WordPress website (no nasty themes!) and WooCommerce as well as Shopify. Our web development team are pretty clued up though, so we often help clients with varying platforms, from Umbraco to SquareSpace.

What is a CMS page builder?

Page builders make the use of a CMS even easier than before. A page builder gives you the ability to build templates or pages, using the drag and drop method. Drag an image element over here, and a 3 column row over there. They save you time and empower your team (and ours) to create beautiful content as and when it suits you.

Why don't you use WordPress themes?

Old-school WordPress themes are inherently risky. They’re slow, coded in a way that impacts SEO, usually full of bugs and hardcoded functionality that requires a developer to adjust. But the riskiest part is that they’re often built by one-man-bands who are here today and gone tomorrow. How does this impact you? Well, as soon as the theme creator decides to stop supporting their theme (which could be tomorrow or in 6 months time), it’s no longer being updated alongside WordPress, so will in time, stop working. A $50 theme might be the most expensive purchase you ever make as you would need to rebuild your website on a new theme to get it back up and running again. We instead use an established framework that’s backed by a financially stable, well manned and internationally positioned company. Risk avoided.

Which is best, WordPress & WooCommerce or Shopify?

We love both platforms, but each have their stengths and weaknesses. The best way to choose the CMS that’s right for your business, is for us to review your goals, budget and requirements. 

Is WordPress safe?

When it’s managed by a qualified and experienced web developer, absolutely yes! We manage all of our clients WordPress websites, keeping their sites safe and secure, because like every other CMS and piece of software on the planet, WordPress needs to be managed. Unfortunately this is a little known fact, the assumption is that it will take care of itself. 

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