Empower your team with a CMS

Content management systems will allow authorised members of your team, to apply changes to your website. This leads to stronger control of your website, ensuring efficiency, flexibility and ease of use.

Our web developers currently work with international open-source CMS’s Magento and WordPress. During the project researching phase, we will help identify the ideal CMS for your company. Each solution has its unique benefits, but the best CMS for your business is usually dictated by a combination of your requirements, team’s experience, budget constraints and future growth considerations.

Above all, at Phancybox, we believe in quality, collaboration, trust and the ultimate goal of building successful projects that provide the best experience for your users. Lets initiate a conversation to start tackling problems and achieving results.

Magento Web Design

When it comes to managing an eCommerce website, you can’t go wrong with a custom Magento web design.

Magento is the leading eCommerce CMS, trusted and implemented by over 200 000 leading global brands. There are a number of points to review when choosing between Magento and WooCommerce (another strong online-shop contender), but budget and/or requiring a finer level of control are usually the deciding factors.

Magento’s success and popularity in the retail industry fuels their ongoing product development and continuous efforts to build upon what is already a highly flexible open source solution. These efforts are carried out by both Magento, as well as 3rd party extension providers, allowing even further expansion in functionality when needed.

WordPress and WooCommerce Web Design

WordPress is a globally supported CMS, offering flexibility around future growth and expansion. It’s also incredibly easy to use.

Coupled with WooCommerce, you can have a simple online shopping website setup, while using one of the best CMS’s for managing SEO at the same time.

It is important to note that WordPress can either operate off a bespoke custom design, or it can run off a predefined set of templates called Themes. To reduce your risk, and optimise performance, we custom build all of our WordPress web designs. 

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