Imagine having your content shared by the most influential person in your industry. Imagine the millions of people reading your post, sharing your image or retweeting it. The effects of going viral would snowball with reshares and reposts. Before you knew it, you would have reached an audience across the globe.

What an incredible feeling just thinking about it.

But before we get too carried away, there is something you need to consider first. Are you actually ready to go viral? Yes of course you are, but what about your website? How is your website going to respond when you have an influx of visitors?

I’m sure you’ve experienced websites that aren’t ready. You’ve probably tried to register for a highly anticipated race or concert that has limited tickets and the website’s crashed. This is what I’m trying to help you avoid.

Web hosting has restrictions. One of them is the amount of data you can transfer between your website, visitors and the server. It’s a bit like road traffic. Imagine a 2 lane highway during peak hours with vehicles moving in both directions. Now add an extra 100,000 cars. Things are going to get messy, quickly. The same is true for your website. If your hosting isn’t ready to handle an influx of visitors, it will simply crash. Along with this, will be the interest you’ve just generated from all those visitors.

Be ready to go viral. Avoid a digital traffic jam by planning ahead. Choose a quality Australian web hosting solution that meets your current, and future goals.

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