Users throughout Australia have little patience these days for poorly performing sites. With the introduction of AMP, this will slowly become a thing of the past.

A survey conducted by Akamai and, confirmed that after two seconds, website page abandonment rate increases dramatically.

The same survey found that, 52% said that a fast loading site was a major factor in their brand loyalty.

Mobile users will only become properly engaged, when mobile performance is improved. Even if your site is aesthetically designed and optimised, speed is becoming more and more important.

The Solution? Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google and Twitter joined forces to come up with better technology to address the problem.

Now, you are probably wondering what an Accelerated Mobile Page actually is. AMP are essentially lightweight versions of themselves. A standard website page that has been stripped down, and designed to include the bare necessities can qualify as an AMP. Speed and readability are the two main components here.

If you want to increase the speed at which your website pages load, Accelerated Mobile Pages are definitely worth the investment.

How to Determine if a Site Is Using AMP Pages?

You can use Google’s AMP Test to confirm whether a URL is valid or not. Simply navigate to their validator, paste your AMP URL and click Run Test.

Alternatively, you can simply look out for the AMP “lightening bolt” icon in Google search results.

Would you like your website to load faster?

The need for speeding up an users mobile experience is evident. Forrester suggested in their report that users might want to show up in Silicon Valley en masse with pitch forks and torches to make their demands heard…

Now, while that might be entertaining to watch, we do have a less confrontational solution – contact our Brisbane agency to get the ball rolling today. The sooner your site speeds up, the sooner you’ll notice improved engagement and visibility.

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