How Google Analytics 4 can be easy (and powerful) to use

Here is a quick overview of our Marketing Dashboard for Google Analytics 4, because let’s face it… Google Analytics 4 is not easy to use, but the data is golden! As a workaround, you can use our Marketing Dashboard, to pull in your GA4 data (as well as other platforms) so that it’s easy to digest and act upon.

As a quick reminder, our dashboard links up to 60 different marketing channels, all in one place. You can connect your online advertising platforms like Google Ads, your social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, your Newsletter campaigns and even e-commerce data for your online store.

Let’s jump into a Web Analytics Dashboard, which uses your Google Analytics data, just in a much easier-to-view and understand format.

This web analytics dashboard can be customised to suit your business, but in theory, gives you a high-level overview.

Clicking on Top Landing Pages, for example, takes you to the Google Analytics section. Here you have access to all Google Analytics Categories, like Acquisition, Audience, Conversions, Pages and Events. You’ll also see the sub-categories like Landing pages, Exit Pages, Content, Drilldown, Site Speed and Site Search.

Clicking on an item like Unique Pageviews updates the data in real-time.

You have your date ranges at the top, as well as filters to change what you’re viewing in a few clicks. When it comes to sharing, you have the ability to produce a PDF file or Excel download.

Turn your GA4 data into actionable data

Our Google Analytics dashboard is easy to use and empowers you to make smarter decisions with ease. If you’d like more information about our Marketing Dashboards, contact Judy directly.

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