COVID-19 has introduced ongoing disruptions in the Noosa community, with more change coming each day. But, while there’s a lot going on (!), it’s important to keep your clients, customers, staff and suppliers updated.

Regardless of how you’ve been impacted by COVID-19, you can keep communications flowing, even if it’s just to offer some peace of mind.

To help keep you on top of your business, here’s a short checklist of 8 website items to review, during COVID-19.

  1. Update your operating hours on your website
  2. Update all contact details on your website
    Tip: Don’t forget to update your Google My Business listing too.
  3. Update your website content to match any business change, so that your website is still accurate, and helpful.
  4. Add any virtual services that you now offer, to the services section of your website. And, temporarily hide (or update the content of) any services that are currently unavailable.
  5. Add a new page or blog post to your website elaborating on how your business has been impacted, or adjusted to continue operating.
    Tip: You can add a COVID-19 item to your main menu, linking to the new page or post, so that this information stands out.
  6. Enable your website to sell product online, if it currently does not, to help move stock, and contribute towards cash flow.
  7. Consider enabling drop shipping on your online shop, as your suppliers may be impacted differently to you.
  8. Add virtual gift vouchers to your online shop to sell now as gifts.

If you need a hand applying any of the above changes, please reach out so that we can help.

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