If you’re eager to sell more products or services, to more people, you’ll be eager to improve your SEO. And quickly. Having your company appear in Google search results is an opportunity to reach more of your ideal customers and clients. Ensuring that your brand appears in Google before your competitors, for key search terms, puts you in the ideal position for success. Getting the top 3 essentials for influencing Google, is like marketing gold dust! So let’s get to it.

1. SEO is not black or white

It’s the black, the white and the grey area in between. Appearing on Google search results for your preferred phrases is the combination of time, expertise and strategy.

2. SEO is not “1 size fits all”

Every web design is different. Your companies visibility on Google will be impacted by your choice of CMS, the server your website is hosted on, where that server is located, the code being used, how it’s been used, the quality and length of your content, the size of your website, your number of competitors and the list goes on. There are plenty of extrinsic factors to take into consideration when designing a search engine optimisation strategy. Yours needs to be unique.

3. SEO is not a once-off task

Appealing to more of your ideal clients relies on 3 constantly changing factors:

    • your website,
    • your competitor’s websites and
    • industry (Google) requirements.

Do not think that you’re unaffected by SEO because you’re on page 1 of Google today. Tomorrow, change will come. Be prepared. Ongoing SEO is as essential to growing a business, as regular watering is to a healthy vegetable patch. It simply cannot function correctly without it.

4. SEO is not 1 set of properties applied to a whole website

Every page requires unique SEO attention. After all, the content on each of your pages is unique, so your SEO must be too! Applying 1 set of properties to every page on your website is not going to produce golden results.

5. SEO is not DIY

Smart business owners know that dabbling in marketing (or anything else you’re not an expert at) produces weak returns. Your website is an investment, not an expense. And at the same time, planning your own SEO strategy is taking your precious time away from your main focus – running your business, building relationships and a solid team. The digital industry is constantly evolving, you need to be living and breathing websites, every day to stay up to date.

So what IS SEO?

It’s the culmination of expert strategy and experience, step-by-step implementation, ongoing measurements and constant change. And it’s a golden opportunity for you to connect with the people that matter the most, those that you can help with your skills, products or services. Your ideal clients.

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