While speaking with a new client about a web design project, the topic of web hosting providers came up. Specifically, my client was wondering if he should leave his web hosting with his current provider, or move it to our servers during the redesign. What a great question.

A few key points came out of our conversation, and they empowered my client to make the best decision for his business. I’ve outlined the 4 benefits of hosting your website with your web design company below. I hope you’ll find them just as helpful!

1. Get the best web hosting for YOUR website

Your website is different to mine. It has unique software, security and hardware requirements. If your web hosting provider did not design and develop your website, how will they know what it needs? They won’t. Instead, most sell a variety of options, and hope that one of them fits.

That’s just not good enough.

Instead of basing the availability of your website on a set of assumptions, speak to your web design company for their recommendation on the best web hosting for YOU. After all, they know your website better than anyone.

2. Web design companies have an invested interest

Your web design company have a far greater interest in your businesses success. Think about it. Your public facing website is a live example of your their capabilities. If your website looks good and operates seamlessly, it’s a hot selling tool for your web company. It’s in their best interest to make sure that your website is available and operating error free, all of the time.

3. Reduce risk of conflicts & down time

Website servers require regular, essential updates. Unfortunately, they’re not always compatible with the software being used on your website… Your web hosting provider needs to be aware of any conflicts prior to applying any change, to avoid any down time.

As mentioned above, unless your hosting provider built your website, they’re not going to know what versions of software you’re using. And depending on the quality of your web hosting, the chances of them asking are slim. Fair enough, their responsibility needs to stop somewhere. But this structure doesn’t serve you.

Hosting your website with your web design company takes out all the unknowns, reduces your risk and offers complete peace of mind.

4. Save time by streamlining your requests

Sometimes a change to a website needs to be done at a server level, instead of on your content management system. If your website is hosted with your web design company, this is a non-issue: you make the request, your design agency delivers.

Splitting your hosting from your web design company introduces a second avenue for requests. Where do you start, with your web design company or your hosting provider?

Centralising your web services streamlines your requests, saving you time and resources.

Deal with the people you already know and enjoy working with. Reduce your risk and spend more time doing what you love.

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