Whether you’re a start up business in Noosa, or an established organisation in the city, you need to appear in Google for optimal growth. Ideally, on page one… So why aren’t you getting more traffic from Google? Are you getting any at all?

First, why should you care about Google visibility?

As you read this, there are people looking for the exact product or service you offer, right now. Your ideal clients – clients that are ready to buy – are actively looking for you, right now. And they’re using Google as their medium. This is why we’re so hung up about helping you generate more exposure – and therefore traffic – from Google.

There are plenty of reasons that your website isn’t generating any traffic from Google. The good news, is that it’s likely to be one of the 10 listed below.

Help Google help you

Increasing your traffic from Google isn’t rocket science, but you do need to help Google help you.

And remember, it’s not just your business that wins in this scenario. You’re helping potential customers at the same time by giving them options. By educating people about products and services they may not have known existed. You’re solving their problems just by showing up, and that goes a long way in contributing towards your brand reputation.

So let’s get to it.

1. Your website is set to “No Index”

This is simply a website setting that tells Google to completely ignore your website. Yes, you read that correctly. This is by far the deadliest of SEO mistakes, but thankfully the easiest to fix. Why oh why would someone turn on this settings? Well, some web design companies – not ours – use the No Index setting during development, to prevent an incomplete website from being accessed by the public. Once the website is live however, they forget to change the setting. Ouch.

2. Your website code is old and/or poorly structured

The DYI type websites are guilty of this, but some professionally developed websites fall into this category too. Whether it’s inefficient coding or antiquated platforms, over time, even a site that performed perfectly 4 years ago is going to battle today.

3. Your site is hard to navigate

Take a step back, because this issue is wider than your websites navigation. Is your website cluttered after years of change? Was your website designed over 4 years ago and now looks dated? An old school website will affect how visitors interact with it. And poor engagement sends poor signals to Google.

4. Your domain authority is weak

My what now? Think of domain authority (DA) as your website addresses score – not your website content, your actual domain name – like Your DA is improved with backlinks from other sites. These can help – or hurt – your visibility on Google. Over time, websites DA’s generally improve, but start-ups and new businesses don’t always have the luxury of time. Use a linking strategy to improve your DA.

Wondering what your DA is? Try Ahref’s domain authority tool. The closer to 100 the better.

5. Your website is unhelpful

Your visitors are using Google to find answers. Whether they’re looking for services to solve their problems, products to meet their needs, destinations to fill their holidays or people to join their team. Does your website clearly explain what you do? Does it clarify your position in the market? Are you helping Google to help you? Interact with your website from your ideal customers point of view, and consider if your website is being helpful and offering value.

6. Your Google business profile is missing

This is particularly important to those offering local services or products. GMB pages are extremely helpful to people, which means they’re extremely important to Google. They also help fill any gaps in Google’s understanding of your business, and help you dominate the real estate on search results pages for your brand. Does your website show up in Google Maps? Are you listed in their “3 pack” for the highest priority search returns? Does your brand dominate Google search results page for your company name?

7. You’ve had a weak SEO provider before

This one makes me wince, but unfortunately there are still companies applying blanket SEO rules to websites, or none at all. There are also companies that aren’t even aware of how damaging their efforts are to their clients websites, but don’t get me started. While we include thorough SEO in all of our projects, not every provider does, so don’t make this assumption. Your existing website could be getting penalised by Google. Get it checked, thoroughly, by an SEO expert.

8. You’re using duplicate content

I know it’s faster and easier to simply copy/paste a product description from your suppliers website onto yours, but this is doing more damage than it’s worth. Duplicate content is an SEO no-no. I’m sure there are plenty of blog articles similar to this one, that’s ok when it comes to news or blog articles, but create unique content for your core website pages eliminating any confusion from Google’s perspective.

9. Your “on page” SEO is weak – or missing completely

Without getting too technical, there are properties on every individual page that Google looks for. If they’re missing, duplicated, weak, too long – or too short – you’re missing out! This is super easy to check – drop me a quick email if you’d like to to see if your website is failing in this area.

10. Your website doesn’t include the words you want to associate with

Phancybox is not going to appear on page one of Google for Noosa web design company if that term doesn’t appear on our website. Google is smart, but it’s still just a piece of software. Review your website content, because you’ll battle to rank for something that your website does not reference. Just be careful not to use keyword stuffing. Helpful, valuable content. That’s what you’re after.

Questions? Feedback? We’d love to hear from you, but what we’d love even more, is to help you. Contact Judy directly to discuss your Google visibility and traffic. Let’s tackle the low hanging fruit, and start growing your business today.

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